About Us

Life in Southeast Asia can teach and show you so much. Often, it seems that life here can be more positively human than elsewhere; more in tune with what life really is.

Contrary to many other parts of the World, in Southeast Asia you can say that art is everywhere, art-iculated by how people live their lives, do things, with care, skillfully. It is love towards life that permeates many of their actions, be that cooking, socializing, customer service (yes, even that ;) or weaving scarves.

Once you see our women weaving silk you realize they are truly creating art; not only in the form of the wonderful scarves that they produce, but also by the human beauty they instill in the process.

At Southeast we wanted to bring a bit of this love for life through these wonderful scarves. We have traveled and worked thoroughly to bring to you the best that we could find.


PS: please don't hesitate to contact us for any suggestions, comments, desires..